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Project #16004

Recycling of Titane Dioxide

  • Recovery of Titan Dioxide from waste paper containing iron
  • Simple process  
  • German Patent granted

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Sharing can pay off

Technical features

A process for the recovery of titanium dioxide from waste paper containing iron, after forming sheets of decorative paper, comprises using an aqueous non-oxidising mineral acid. The liquid extraction agent phase is separated and the organic residue is oxidised pyrolytically to form CO2. Extraction takes place at a temperature above 50 °C, especially above 75 °C, at the boiling point of the acid. The non-oxidising mineral acid is hydrochloric acid. Oxidation takes place at 500-850°C. After the residue is removed, the extraction agent is treated to recover the acid. The waste paper contains an impregnated resin, and is boiled with a strong base. The extraction takes place in a reactor.


Detailed Information

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Sharing can pay off


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