Guidelines for Compensation

Your feedback will be assessed by our team of technical experts. During this assessment, the estimation of your contribution´s relevance (and at the same time the calculation of the amount of your possible compensation) will be based, above all, on the following criteria:


Significance for our customers

Information which can be used to initiate cooperation or which enables our customer to assess if they are really the first to have made this invention is highly relevant.


  •     “I already saw something like that in France in the nineties of the last century.” or 
  •     “There has to have been a Dutch manufacturer that has been making something similar for a while.”


  • "The technical solution has already been described in “Science, Issue XY, page 56” or 
  •     “The technical solution is described in US patent US 7 856 321 B1, in figure 1 in connection with column 5, row 7 – column 8, row 35“ or
  •     “Mustermann Engineering, Musterstreet 20, D-12345 Mustertown provides a similar system with the product description XY 7000.”


If we receive identical or similar highly relevant information, the time point at which we receive the information will also be taken into account in determining the amount of possible compensation that will be paid.

Grant of Compensation

Please let us know how you found out about our project. If you found out about it from a third party, a compensation for this person is possible as well, so please pass their contact details onto us. Your possible compensation will not be reduced as a result. Who the compensation will be paid to and how much will be established solely by our assessment team. There is no legal entitlement to compensation.