AVALANCHE Research GmbH & Co. KG
Frauenstraße 11
89073 Ulm
+49 731 5521 5587

An expert network with excellent international connections 

Our team is built of Entrepreneurs, Patent Attorneys and Business Lawyers with an excellent international network. 

With this team we provide services for innovation funding and technology management – and ensure a realistic evaluation and the exploitation of your intellectual property in line with the market. 

Using the result of our research, we have just one goal: to enable creative inventors to realize their ideas and utilize them. The different starting points can be used by us individually for each customer - be it through the opening of a market segment that a competitor has unjustifiably blocked with an improperly acquired industrial property right, whether by finding exactly the right partner in production or distribution.

Even if you do not own a industrial property right, you can benefit from the avalanche method. That's why we offer the option to contribute financially to your choice in our projects and to participate in this way in our success. Patent exploitation offers a huge variety of possibilities. Talk to us - we would be happy if we could work not only for you but also with you.

“Avalanche’s vision remains unchanged - To make the patent system as great as it used to be.”