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Patent Exploitation using the Avalanche Method

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Selfdynamic Researches

Implementation of dynamic, self-organizing avalanche researches for your invention

Identification of Partners

Identification of developers and distributors or licensees


Financing and business plan creation; Acquisition of funding
Patent exploitation Using the Avalanche Method

The Avalanche-Method

To identify partners in development and sales or to find licensees we use an unique methodical approach, called 'avalanche'. 

In a nutshell, the avalanche is a self-organized, webbased survey in the relevant technical community. Initiated with concrete targets we start the avalanche,  which obtains its dynamic from the fact, that even the simple forwarding of the question can pay off for the person addressed.

This allows us in in a very short time, to gain on one hand the relevant informationen concerning your innovation and deren economic prospects and on the other hand to bring your idea to the attention of a large number of potential partners.

A Team of international acting Entrepreneurs, Patent Attorneys and Business Lawyers

Our team is built of Entrepreneurs, Patent Attorneys and Business Lawyers with an excellent international network.

With this team we provide services for innovation funding and technology management – and ensure a realistic evaluation and the exploitation of your intellectual property in line with the market.